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What you need to know before buying porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile flooring has been thriving in the design industry lately and to no one's surprise. It is more than just another type of ceramic tile, since it’s known for being stronger, tougher, and can resist water better than other traditional ceramics. This is because they are created with very fine clay particles fired at high temperatures, resulting in smoother and harder surfaces.

If you are considering jumping on the porcelain tile floors bandwagon, you are in good company with other homeowners. It provides several benefits as flooring, like its durability and attractive design. However, if you’ve grown up with hardwood or carpet floors and you’re not sure making the switch to porcelain tiles is right the move, keep on reading to find out all you need to know about this strong, good-looking flooring.


You might think these tiles are significantly more expensive than ordinary ceramic tiles, and you’ll be happy to know that’s not a concern anymore. This is because porcelain has become more mainstream and gained in popularity. As a full-service flooring store, Stafford's Discount Carpets often has remarkable bargains. You can visit our Redlands, CA showroom to see all types and styles at affordable prices.


These tile floors are a great option if you’re looking for tough, long-lasting flooring. Porcelain is resistant to heavy stresses, which makes them great for commercial environments as well as your residential home. Just keep in mind that due to the hardness of porcelain, it can be more brittle and susceptible to cracking. Because of the durability, this type of flooring is well suited for high-traffic spaces like living rooms and offices.
Ceramic tile flooring in Loma Linda, CA from Stafford's Discount Carpets


The biggest selling point of this flooring is its versatility. It can reproduce whatever design you want, convincingly mimicking marble, bamboo, wood, and many others. You get to enjoy the look of traditional flooring while also getting the benefits of durable, porcelain tiles. If you are looking for a pet-friendly flooring option for your home, this tile flooring may be a perfect choice. Easy to keep clean.

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