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Area rug sales and services with Stafford's Discount Carpets in Redlands, CA

Area Rugs

Custom area rugs can be functional or eye-catching

When installing wall-to-wall carpeting, it's a good idea to purchase more than is needed so you can have an area rug made. Or buy a carpet remnant that matches your decor. You can place the rug on top of hard surface flooring or over carpeting to protect it in a well-used space. Family-owned Stafford's Discount Carpets offers a carpet binding service in Redlands, California. We turn carpet remnants into area rugs. Also, we never hesitate to recommend Karastan. It's one of our favorite carpet and area rug manufacturers.


Karastan has been producing carpet since the 1920s, and its products still carry the 'Made in the USA' label today. The company is widely recognized as a leader in the industry due to its innovative designs and luxurious carpeting. Karastan is also known for its exquisite area rugs. These machine-made rugs closely mimic traditional Oriental rugs that are created on a loom. The rugs, which contain up to 47 colors, are made with premium New Zealand wool. The naturally soft fibers can be dyed in a wide range of colors because of their superior whiteness. With Karastan's patented Lustre-Wash process, a rug looks and feels like a hand-woven rug.

Carpet binding

While a beautiful area rug always enhances room decor, something more practical is often preferable. Carpet remnants 'fit the bill.' To improve its appearance and keep it from unraveling, binding is sewn onto the remnant edges with a heavy-duty sewing machine. Typically, binding is made of cotton or polyester. Its color usually matches, rather than contrasts, the carpet. Serging, or overlock stitching, is an alternative to binding that has a hand-sewn look. Fringing is another option. An aesthetically pleasing carpet fringe can easily be replaced when it becomes worn or dirty. Fringing is usually more costly than binding and serging.

Stafford's Discount Carpets can satisfy all of your carpet binding needs. We serve a large area in California, including the communities of Redlands, CA, Yucaipa, CA, Highland, CA, Loma Linda, CA, and Beaumont, CA. Since we are committed to providing top-notch customer service, we go beyond this area upon request. We have been providing flooring and related services since 1998. Our services include flooring, bath surround, backsplash, and countertop installation. For these services, we offer free measurement with an in-store visit. To take advantage of our carpet binding service for a custom area rug, visit our showroom in Redlands or contact us via email or phone.

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