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Professional residential flooring installation from the experts

Choosing new flooring isn’t an easy task. At the end of the day, you can change your mind and pick a different color to fix a bad paint job or buy new furniture, but flooring is a long-term decision.

Finding the right flooring for you isn’t about just picking a good-looking material. You also need to consider the installation of the flooring. Using a professional for your residential flooring installation will make sure manufacturer warranties are not voided. From glue down to floating floor options, your flooring installation provider can walk you through what is best for your home.

Will you be installing the floors in high-moisture areas?

If so, you're going to prefer a flooring installation that is suited for a high or medium-moisture environment. In this case, your best bet is a product like vinyl, ceramic or porcelain tile. If your home isn't limited by moisture, all types of flooring are still on the table. But the key here is to not do a DIY installation. You want to protect your flooring investment.

Will there be any pets in my home?

If so, you need pet-friendly floors. This just means a flooring that doesn't wear off easily, which may be trickier than it seems, since some floors look like they're wear-resistant when they're not. For instance, hardwood appears solid but can scratch easily, and while you can sand the marks out, why not try a durable flooring like vinyl, laminate flooring, ceramic, or even carpeting. By using our residential flooring installers at Stafford's Discount Carpets, you can rest assured that whatever product you choose will be installed properly.

Make the right choice with the help of Stafford's Discount Carpets in Redlands, CA

The right choice

Stafford's Discount Carpets has over 35 years of experience in the flooring industry, and as a licensed flooring installation provider, we offer custom recommendations to make sure you get the right flooring material in the style and color you need. Our expert residential flooring installers are our direct employees, they are not sub-contractors. We do this to ensure that every flooring installation is done correctly and by our standards to serve you best. Visit our Redlands, CA showroom, if you live in the Redlands, Yucaipa, Highland, Loma Linda, or Beaumont area. We can help you choose the right flooring with the correct installation results for all your residential and commercial flooring needs. We are committed to making sure your flooring is good for years to come.

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