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Benefits of carpeting

You can be confident in knowing, our carpet brands stand up to today’s busy lifestyles. Carpet can replace any existing flooring with trend-setting designs and features that create the foundation for any room in your home.

With the variety of carpeting choices today, we can bring color, texture, warmth and fashion to peoples’ lives and homes with greater quality and care for the environment, now more than ever.

Suddenly living rooms are for living and not just looking. From little ones toddling around, to sitting down on the floor for ‘game night’ or a movie, carpeting is a perfect way to cozy up a space. Spills don’t mean stains and muddy paws aren’t reason for concern; with the upgrades in technology in the carpet industry, carpeting is also a durable choice.

Carpeting offers the benefit of flexibility to change the color and design of a room in the future. This gives you the option to keep your flooring updated and “fresh”! We are committed to providing our customers with first-class products with exceptional value from manufacturers who stand by their commitment to offer the very latest in innovation at the best value possible. Carpet flooring is budget friendly, you can experience all the benefits of carpeting your home at just about any budget and create luxury and comfort for you, your family and all of life’s entertaining moments. You will find, these days, having carpet installed in your home is a good sound investment!

How to choose the right type of carpet flooring for your home?

It should come as no surprise that carpeting continues to dominate the flooring market. This soft surface flooring is a great choice for bedrooms, stairs, and home offices.

If you are considering this for your home, knowing the different types of texture and styles will be important. Maybe you want something very soft and plush or something more durable, there’s a specific type appropriate for every area of your home.

At our carpet flooring store, Stafford's Discount Carpets, in Redlands, CA we can help you find the perfect options for your lifestyle.

Here’s a guide to help you:

Carpet styles

There are two main types of construction to consider, loop pile and cut pile.

Loop pile carpets have bent fibers into little loops, which makes them durable and able to resist stains, but limited cushioning.

On the other hand, cut pile carpets have no loops, since they cut the yarn tips. Cut pile carpets are usually softer than loop piles, feeling very plush and comfortable under your feet.

Types of carpet fibers

The texture comes down to what type of fiber is used in manufacturing. Asa carpet flooring retailer, we know the fiber options from synthetic to natural. Depending on the material, each will have different characteristics.

Nylon is a very strong fiber, which can withstand a lot of abrasions, making it one of the most popular types.Because of its resilient texture, it’s durable and can resistant wear for a long time. It is the most durable and pet-friendly fiber available. It’s the go-to choice in homes with children and pets, since it works very well in high foot traffic areas, like hallways and stairs.

Triexta is the newest fiber in the carpeting industry. Triexta is a soft and durable fiber that is more sustainable than other fiber types and could be a popular fiber for a long time.

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that can have vibrant colors that last a long time. When it comes to water-based stains polyester is also a strong stain-resistant. Between the easy cleaning of polyester carpets along with the cheap replacement cost, this is a fiber that is a great option for a good variety of people.

Olefin is a fiber known for being resistant to moisture, which avoids mold and mildew. This type of fiber is a great choice for basements and outdoors. And while It’s tougher than nylon, it can’t match its softness, being less comfortable to walk on.

Wool is often favored because it’s the only natural fiber for carpets. Being a premier choice, it offers benefits like durability and stain-resistance, while also being the eco-friendliest option for flooring.
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