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Luxury Vinyl is a Practical Flooring Solution

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 12:05 PM

There are many reasons to choose luxury vinyl flooring. Practical luxury vinyl plank, or LVP, mimics hardwood. It's waterproof, and it needs no attachment to the subfloor. Vinyl plank flooring is perfect for every area of the home, even bathrooms and basements. Trendy wood-look LVT flooring is another option. Stone look and ceramic look tiles are popular, too. Stafford's Discount Carpets, founded in 1998, brings a large assortment of LVP and LVT to the Redlands, California area. You can view our online catalog to get a glimpse of what we offer.

Waterproof core

Many homeowners favor luxury vinyl flooring because it repels water and liquid spills. Also, some flooring manufacturers, such as Mohawk, offer vinyl products designed to stand up to pet accidents. These tough and durable pet-friendly brands work well in active households, too. Usually, waterproof flooring has a wood plastic composite (WPC) or a stone plastic composite (SPC) core. Both the wood-based core and the limestone-based core can remain wet for long periods without damage.

Four-layer composition

The backing layer protects the core layer. It also protects the subfloor, and it offers stability for the plank or tile. The surface wear layer protects the design layer, which is positioned above the core. The high-tech wood, stone, or ceramic design will be damaged when the wear layer is worn down. Therefore, it's essential to choose a brand that has a thick wear layer. A 20+ mil top layer is best. Many brands feature a wear layer that has a top coating on it to provide even more protection. It's difficult to stain or damage a premium quality product.

Stafford's Discount Carpets brings luxury vinyl flooring and installation services to communities like Redlands, Yucaipa, Highland, Loma Linda, and Beaumont, California. We install brands that click together and float above the subfloor, as well as glue-down brands. Measurements are free with an in-store visit. If you prefer, you can contact us via email or phone before coming to our showroom in Redlands to discuss your luxury vinyl flooring project.